The Sumac Players Tour
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Payout Policy
All winnings in Sumac Players Tour events are distributed in the form of Forest Ridge gift card. This document describes how the payout for each event is calculated.

Most Sumac events are grouped into divisions and flights. The calculations described below apply to each individual flight. In general the number of winning places and the amounts distributed to each are directly correlated to the number of participants in each flight.

Note that the calculations are applied separately for each flight, and consequently the number of winning places and payout amounts may differ between flights for the same event. If the event is not grouped into flights, the described calculations are applied to the entire field.

Places Paid

The number of places that will receive winnings is equal to 33% of the number of entrants in the flight, rounded to the nearest whole number.

Distribution of Winnings


1st place ties will be broken by scorecard playoff. All other ties will split the winnings.


Payouts will be determined by the number of participants in each division and number of flights in each division.